Returning To Source
The Keys to Abundance
Mindful notes on Being… present… now…
How to re-wire your brain, one small step at a time

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    Returning to Source

    Returning to Source, mindful notes on Being… present… now… or how to re-wire your brain, is a series of notes on various subjects for you to consider that may affect your life on deeper levels of Being. You can start anywhere, as these are not necessarily sequential. There is a common thread that does run through and connect them all, that being: by paying attention to the present moment you are helping to re-wire your brain to be more of what you want to be. Other than that, they cover a wide variety of topics with some just being observations about life.

    All we are is change, all we are is changing, and you are bringing your current awareness to whatever you are experiencing now; updating that experience in light of your current growth, learning and understanding. So there will be some notes you may want to spend more time with (reflecting on or practicing). And some you may want to keep coming back to over time to discover how they and you are changing. (For more on the idea that all we are is change, please visit: Hypnosis Performance Center)

    So either start at the beginning or start by finding one that suits your fancy and dive in. Discover what you can learn about yourself; how you can help improve your thoughts, your emotions, your health, your achievements and goals, your relationships, your finances… your life, by just Being present…

    Reflect on these notes whenever you need inspiration, guidance, or support.

    Click on the title, a new window will pop up. Please let me know if you are not able to view the notes in the pop up windows (email: New entries will be posted at the top for a while.

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Minnesota Hypnosis Quantum Release Tele-Coaching, NLP and EFT

Aug 12 Asking the right questions
Aug 13 Watch your thoughts
Aug 14 Hearts on Fire
Aug 15 The Zen of mowing grass
Aug 16 On Happiness
Aug 17 Guardians of Being
Aug 18 End State Energy
Aug 19 Releasing and Letting Go
Aug 20 Aim for a Star
Aug 21 Healing Meditation
Aug 22 Stop-Breathe-Release
Aug 23 Three Treasures to Leave Behind
Aug 24 A few Haiku
Aug 25 All you are is Changing
Aug 26 What if?
Aug 27 Being Present… mindfully eating
Aug 28 What if you knew…?
Aug 29 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Aug 30 What if it were impossible to fail?
Aug 31 Diaphragmatic Breathing

Sep 01 A Hornets Nest
Sep 02 Only Inches Away
Sep 03 Standing Like a Tree
Sep 04 Standing Like a Tree (part 2)
Sep 05 Allowing a Smile
Sep 06 Haiku 2
Sep 07 The Law of Balance
Sep 08 Miracle Question
Sep 09 The Tree in the Harvest
Sep 10 I lost a file and found myself
Sep 11 A Cat's Story
Sep 12 Cancel, Cancel
Sep 13 Give yourself a break
Sep 14 Create your tomorrow today
Sep 15 The Next Smallest Step
Sep 16 It all begins with Inspiration
Sep 17 Pay Attention
Sep 18 Grounding Yourself
Sep 19 Look within
Sep 20 Mine's a Jack size
Sep 21 Ambidextrous?
Sep 22 Pad and Points
Sep 23 This Too Shall Pass
Sep 24 Colours: A Poem by Yevtushenko
Sep 25 Running Your Energy
Sep 26 Bicycling with the kids
Sep 27 Give it away
Sep 28 Three Little Words
Sep 29 Resistance is Futile
Sep 30 Haiku 3

Oct 01 The Practicing Mind
Oct 02 Can you let it go?
Oct 03 How to Catch Monkeys
Oct 04 Invictus
Oct 05 Golden Sun Energy
Oct 06 Self Hypnosis in 3 Easy Steps
Oct 07 The Major Key to Your Better Future …
Oct 08 The Tree in the Stream
Oct 09 Haiku 4
Oct 10 Brief Reflection on a wedding
Oct 11 Be kind to yourself
Oct 12 Feel the Qi
Oct 13 Do It Now
Oct 14 Eliminate and Concentrate
Oct 15 A short pencil is better than…
Oct 16 Better and Better
Oct 17 It's Just A Thought
Oct 18 The Relaxation Response
Oct 19 Your Relaxation Response
Oct 20 The Tree in the Wind
Oct 21 The fallacy of multi-tasking
Oct 22 No matter what you think you are …
Oct 23 As you are present
Oct 24 A Good Question
Oct 25 Always ask for more than …
Oct 26 You never know how far a change will go
Oct 27 4 Questions
Oct 28 A good driver learns from …
Oct 29 The quality of your consciousness
Oct 30 Your present moment creates future …
Oct 31 Do one thing at a time

Returning to Source

Nov 01 Is there joy, ease, and lightness …
Nov 02 Small sincere compliments
Nov 03 Larry the bus driver
Nov 04 A few thoughts on Meditation
Nov 05 At what point is a flower perfect?
Nov 06 The Heart Sutra
Nov 07 Accept responsibility for your life
Nov 08 Thinking determines what you want …
Nov 09 Time, space, matter and energy
Nov 10 Relax into stretch
Nov 11 Your thoughts are energy
Nov 12 Listen to your body
Nov 13 First snowfall of the season
Nov 14 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Nov 15 Pay attention to the little things
Nov 16 What you become
Nov 17 Give yourself a break 2
Nov 18 Feel yourself in joy
Nov 19 A drop of water
Nov 20 Have you laughed enough today?
Nov 21 What is more important than right now?
Nov 22 Know when to Observe and when to Engage
Nov 23 Home for the holidays survival guide
Nov 24 A few steps to a Healthy Thanksgiving
Nov 25 A Thankful Thanksgiving
Nov 26 Blinding Flash of Light
Nov 27 The importance of being Earnest
Nov 28 Dhamma (Dharma)
Nov 29 Intention
Nov 30 Be prepared!

Dec 01 On Meditation Practice
Dec 02 What's your favorite song?
Dec 03 What is your set point?
Dec 04 Monitor your thoughts
Dec 05 Laughter is the best medicine
Dec 06 L E T I T S N O W
Dec 07 The Subtlety of Language
Dec 08 Curious, interesting

Jan 01 What at this moment is lacking?
Feb 01 If not now, when?
Mar 18 Remembering Mom and Dad
Apr 01 Releasing...
May 01 Releasing...even more
Jun 01 Releasing...and even more
Jul 01 Creating space
Aug 01 Release and let go
Sep 01 The Kaizen Way
Oct 01 Stay in the present moment
Nov 01 Coming back to the present moment
Dec 01 I seem to be a verb
Dec 23 De-nominalize

Returning to Source

Jan 01 It's never too late
Jan 02 What is the most important thing?
Jan 03 Albert Einstein's Three Rules of Work
Jan 04 Three Choices to any situation
Jan 05 What problem do you have right now?
Jan 06 A Prosperity or Abundance Affirmation
Jan 07 Taking the next smallest step in practice
Jan 08 The past cannot survive in your presence
Jan 09 What at this moment is lacking?
Jan 10 Learn from yesterday...
Jan 11 Focus your attention
Jan 12 Every day in every way
Jan 13 Everyone you meet...
Jan 14 Take responsibility for your life
Jan 15 I am rich...
Jan 16 Solution Focused Questions
Jan 17 Think of something you want
Jan 18 Two Wolves
Jan 19 Stop trying so hard
Jan 20 Thought into reality
Jan 21 Imagination
Jan 22 Know when to engage & when to observe
Jan 23 Solution Focused Questions #2
Jan 24 The purity of your attention
Jan 25 The Wolves Within
Jan 26 Keep it simple
Jan 27 Keep it small
Jan 28 Taking the next smallest step in practice #2
Jan 29 Your first hour
Jan 30 Solution Focused Questions #3
Jan 31 The mind, once expanded

Feb 01 What kind of pizza do you want?
Feb 02 Be attractive
Feb 03 Examine ourselves
Feb 04 Mental Rehearsal
Feb 05 I choose to be happy now
Feb 06 Solution Focused Questions #4
Feb 07 One day at a time
Feb 08 Live the truth every day
Feb 09 Look inside yourself
Feb 10 Look inside yourself some more
Feb 11 What's going on inside?
Feb 12 The only reason for time
Feb 13 Solution Focused Questions #5
Feb 14 A paradox of life
Feb 15 Deliberate and repeated effort
Feb 16 Simplicity in effort
Feb 17 Practice life
Feb 18 Non-judgment
Feb 19 At what point is a flower perfect?
Feb 20 Solution Focused Questions #6
Feb 21 See the universe in your cup
Feb 22 One with the river
Feb 23 We cannot live only for ourselves
Feb 24 All things are connected
Feb 25 Be what you are
Feb 26 To accomplish great things
Feb 27 Solution Focused Questions #7
Feb 28 Examine ourselves
Feb 29 The mind once expanded
Mar 01 A real inner life
Mar 02 Let go of what I am
Mar 03 Act out of conscious awareness
Mar 04 Surrender completely to the moment
Mar 05 Solution Focused Questions #8
Mar 06 Risk going too far
Mar 07 Look for what's new
Mar 08 More thoughts on Haiku
Mar 09 Explain it simply
Mar 10 Next smallest step in action part 3
Mar 11 To have succeeded
Mar 12 Solution Focused Questions, a review
Mar 13 Act as if it were Impossible to Fail
Mar 14 Reconnect with Being
Mar 15 Time?
Mar 16 Eat mindfully
Mar 17 Thinking influences behavior
Mar 18 More on eating mindfully
Mar 19 Solution Focused Questions #9
Mar 20 Practice
Mar 21 A paradox of life
Mar 22 Trust in yourself
Mar 23 Don t wish it were easier
Mar 24 Investing in yourself
Mar 25 The risk of doing nothing
Mar 26 Solution Focused Questions #10
Mar 27 Persist
Mar 28 Find the teacher
Mar 29 Over the hill?

Jul 04 A reminder...
Jul 05 Still quiet moments
Aug 15 You are not your thoughts
Aug 28 The myth of staying young!

Jan 24 Some random thoughts on being present

Aug 19 Small Universe Meditation
Aug 20 Our Presence (Thich Nhat Hanh)
Aug 21 Ruby Says

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